Welcome to my blogshop! I love playing UFO catchers/claw machines and i'm a collector as well. This page was created to give the many plushies/items piled up in my room a better home. While most of my items are from UFO catchers or claw machines, some are directly imported from japan! so you may see some stuffs here that you won't be able to get anywhere else=) Feel free to browse around! you might see something you really like!^^ Negotiations are possible but pls be reasonable!

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JUST ADDED SOME RILAKKUMA LIMITED EDITION PLUSHIES: Click HERE for pics! ALL ARE GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC AND DIRECTLY IMPORTED FROM JAPAN! If you see any limited edition items that you like, i do take orders and requests! Whether it is an upcoming series or an older series, I might be able to help you get it.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

#96 Authentic San-X rilakkuma chick (kiiroitori) seat cover/cushion - SOLD!

Super smooth and soft fur. It has a slot for it to be slipped onto a chair to use as a seat cushion but it can double up just as a cushion. Excellent to hug due to great material!

Height: 40cm
Price: $40

#95 7th anniversary Rilakkuma Bath towel (yellow) - SOLD!

Dimensions: 94cm by 150cm
Price: $30

#94 7th anniversary Rilakkuma Bath towel (white) - SOLD!

Dimensions: 94cm by 150cm
Price: $30

#93 Furry Gloomy bear plush beanie (blue) - SOLD!

Length: 28cm
Price: $26

#92 Furry Gloomy bear plush beanie (pink) - SOLD!

Length: 28cm
Price: $26

#91 Korilakkuma carrying red bag - SOLD OUT!

Height: 42cm
Price: $30

#90 Rilakkuma Mp3 player (orange) - SOLD!

Operates on AAA battery(not included).
Can last about 4hrs per battery.
Comes with earphones and USB cable.
Can support up to 2Gb SD card (not included).
Internal memory 64Mb

Price: $35

#89 Rilakkuma handphone charm - all sold! RESTOCKED ONE RIGHT MOST DESIGN! -ALL SOLD!

Price: $10

#88 Rilakkuma plush beanie (original look) - ALL SOLD!

Very soft smooth fur! 2 Available!
one sold! One left!
Height: approx 18-20cm
Price: $10 each

#87 Rilakkuma Sleeping on Pillow - ALL SOLD!

$8 for one or $12 for both!

#85 Mixture of plush chains/items- SOLD OUT!


#84 Mixture of plush chains 2

1 for $5
All 3 at $12

Redeem one with every $45 worth of purchase or two with every $80 worth of purchase!

#83 Mixture of plush chains - SOLD OUT!

1 at $2.50
3 at $6
all 6 for $9

Redeem one with every $30 worth of purchase! or redeem 2 with $50 worth of purchase!

Left bottom row left most (pooh) and top row right most (mickey in pink)

Monday, September 13, 2010

#82 Usavich mtv series - kirinenko (pink) - SOL|D!

Height: 48cm from head(excluding ears) to legs when standing
Price: $30

Saturday, September 11, 2010

#81 5th anniversary kapibara pocketwatches - ALL SOLD!

Price: $35 each

#80 5th anniversary kapibara(good material) - sold!!

Length: Approx 38-40cm
Price: $25

Friday, September 10, 2010

#79 Happy 7th Rilakkuma holding ice cream (limited) - SOLD!

Height: 48cm
Price: $32

RE: #54 Rilakkuma 7th anniversary rila wearing yukata with cute print on back- ONE BROWN RESTOCKED!

Price: $30
Height: 48cm

#78 Happy 7th Rilakkuma wearing t-shirt - SOLD!

Height: 45cm
Price: $30

#77 - Suzy's zoo Boof wearing hat - SOLD!

Height: 45cm (from hat to leg when standing)
Price: $30

#76 Rila wearing night cap and holding pillow - SOLD OUT!

Height: 45cm
Price: $30

#75 - Kapibara-san wilth hummer set of 3 (ball chain) - SOLD A SET! LEFT ONE WHITE AND ONE PURPLE ONLY! SOLD OUT!

Watch kapibara shake and move towards the hummer(yellow sweet) when you pull it away from him! very cute and rare^^ A must-have for all kapibara fans!
Length: Approx 8-10cm each
Price: $12 each or $20 for both

#74 - 5th anniversary Kapibara-san body pillow

Length: 70cm
Price: $35

#73 Rilakkuma huge U-shaped pillow - SOLD!

Height: 55-60cm in width
Price: $30

#72 - Gloomy bear revoltech figurine - SOLD!

Price: $29

#71 - Gloomy bear handphone strap - ALL SOLD!

Price: $6 each

$15 for 3

$22 for all 5

#70 - Furry my melody with ice cream- 20% off! - sold!

Height: approx 26cm
Price: $29.90 each or $55 for both!

Redeem one with every $230 worth of purchase or both with $430 worth of purchase!

RE: #20 D698 - Banpresto kapibara with cup cake on head - ONE RESTOCKED! ONLY BROWN! - SOLD!

Price: $32 each or $60 for both
Length: 36cm