Welcome to my blogshop! I love playing UFO catchers/claw machines and i'm a collector as well. This page was created to give the many plushies/items piled up in my room a better home. While most of my items are from UFO catchers or claw machines, some are directly imported from japan! so you may see some stuffs here that you won't be able to get anywhere else=) Feel free to browse around! you might see something you really like!^^ Negotiations are possible but pls be reasonable!

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JUST ADDED SOME RILAKKUMA LIMITED EDITION PLUSHIES: Click HERE for pics! ALL ARE GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC AND DIRECTLY IMPORTED FROM JAPAN! If you see any limited edition items that you like, i do take orders and requests! Whether it is an upcoming series or an older series, I might be able to help you get it.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

#336 Nemuneko with patterned back 3l sized plush - SOLD OUT!

Full brown and full grey both available

Length: 30cm

Price: $35 each! get both at just $65

#335 Nemuneko 3l sized plush with little legs - One full grey left!

Full grey and brown with white sold! Full grey available!

Length: 30cm

Price: $35

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#334 Stitch and Angel wedding plush

Very special limited pair from japan!

Height: about 32cm each

Price: $90 for the pair (only selling as a pair)

Item is considered one item in Buy 2 get 1 free special!

#333 Cute gloomy bear classic plush - no blood - SOLD

Height: 28cm

Price: $24 (retails at $34.95!)

#332 Play Imaginative gloomy bear iphone 4 covers (official merchandise) - Set of 3

Cute iphone 4 casings + matching screen protector! Retails at $29.95 each

Get them now at only:
Price: $20 each
$40 for a set of 3!

buy 2 get 1 free applies to individual items only! price as a set is heavily discounted so there will be no further discounts.

#331 Iphone4 3D covers stitch and rilakkuma

Price: Rilakkuma @ $18
Stitch @ $24 (retailing outside at $39.90!)

#330 Suzy's zoo boof holding present - SOLD!

Height: 35cm

Price: $28

Monday, April 16, 2012

#329 Furry Stitch smiling and holding heart

A must have for all stitch lovers! cute and popular latest stitch plush.

Height: 35cm

Price: $40

Friday, April 13, 2012

#328 Limited edition french bonjour, 2011 halloween and tower records rilakkumas

From Left to Right:

French rilakkuma holding groceries limited edition (21cm) - $85
2011 Halloween limited edition plush (22cm) - sold
Limited edition tower records rilakkuma (22cm) - $60

#327 Medium sized plushies SUPER CLEARANCE! lowest prices guaranteed!

$6.50 each!

1) sold
2) sold
3) sold


9) classic domo
10) SOLD

12) SOLD
13) SOLD

14) sold
15) sold
16) sold

17) SOLD
18) sold
19)stitch purse

20) SOLD
21) SOLD
22) rilakkuma chick purse
23) rilakkuma pouch with hook

24) fluffy frog

27) nici gorilla
28) rilakkuma pencil case
29) rilakkuma chick pouch w hook

30) gymnast domo
31) pook a looz mickey w elastic strap
32) pook a looz mickey w elastic strap

33) spongebob
34)fluffy mickey w hook
35) cars plush

1) mickey beanie plush
2) minnie beanie plush
3)minnie beanie plush

6) sold out

7) sold

10) one piece ship

11) sold
12) SOLD

#326 5th anniversary HTF rilakkuma korilakkuma kiiroitori chick FULL SET plush beanies

Very rare set!

Note: only rilakkuma and korilakkuma have beans in their body. kiiroitori is too small so they didn't add any beans in him.

Height: 20cm (rila), 18cm (kori), 10cm (tori)

Price: $100 for the set

#325 Rilakkuma daytime nap limited edition plush

Has beans in body. Zip can be unzipped
Height: 21cm

Price: $65