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JUST ADDED SOME RILAKKUMA LIMITED EDITION PLUSHIES: Click HERE for pics! ALL ARE GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC AND DIRECTLY IMPORTED FROM JAPAN! If you see any limited edition items that you like, i do take orders and requests! Whether it is an upcoming series or an older series, I might be able to help you get it.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

#251 Rilakkuma kuji part 21 - FIRST PRIZE ITEM!

credits to: seimon-cho

One first prize (rilakkuma strawberry rabbit series plush 55cm) up for grabs!!! material is softer and smoother than the normal arcades type.

Haven't decided whether to sell this yet because it is so RARE! and i was so lucky to win it! My first time getting the top prize started here, and after that i got the bento set rilakkuma in part 22 and the korilakkuma in rila headgear in part 23!

Feel free to send in your offers! if the offer is good enough, i will let this item go! EXTREMELY rare item! only one piece in 100 and there were only 3 pieces to be won in the whole of singapore! ~~More limited than a limited edition!~~

#250 4L size nemuneko full brown - SOLD ONE! can be restocked upon request!

Length: 36cm

Price: $40

Thursday, September 22, 2011

#249 san-x Sentimental circus ichiban kuji (japan lucky draw) prizes

Sentimental circus cups(comes in a pair) - top x 1 and bottom design x 1 available - $13.90 per set or Get both sets at $24
sentimental circus master pouch/purse - 14cm wide - $15.90

cup (comes in a pair) - 2 x top design, 1 x bottom design available - sold out
Sentimental circus master plush hand puppet (bottom row middle pic) - 23cm -sold out
Sentimental cushion(top row, right most pic) silky material - two available! One left! - $35

#248 Rilakkuma ichiban kuji(japan lucky draw) part 23 prizes

Rilakkuma and korilakkuma cups (comes in a pair per set) - (3 x top design, 3 x bottom design avail) - 9cm - LEFT ONE RILA.
Rilakkuma flask/bottle (3 x rilakkuma (left design), 3 x korilakkuma(right design) available) - 29cm (1100ml) - sold out!
Rilakkuma hand puppet(only brown available) - 25cm - SOLD!

#247 Rilakkuma ichiban kuji (japanese lucky draw) part 22 prizes

rilakkuma cup top designs (set of 2) - 7.5cm height- $12
Rilakkuma and korilakkuma picnic mat (2 kori, 1 rila avail - RILA SOLD!) - 120cm x 90cm - $18 each, both kori for $32
Rilakkuma cooler/thermal bag (only one yellow available) - SOLD!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#246 Korilakkuma wearing scarf with waist pouch - SOLD OUT! RESTOCKED ONE PAIR! SOLD OUT

One of each available again!

Height: 43cm
Price: $32 each or $60 for both

Sunday, September 11, 2011

#245 San-x sentimental circus square cushion (purple) - SOLD!

Dimension: 40cm x 40cm

Price: $35

Friday, September 2, 2011

#244 Rilakkuma and korilakkuma in striped jumpsuit - Rilakkuma SOLD! left 2 KORILAKKUMA! ALL SOLD!

Height: 48cm/43cm

Price: $35 each! first korilakkuma goes at a special price of $25!

#243 Kapibara horoscope keychains 11cm - SOLD OUT!

Only top 2 and bottom row middle one(lion) available!

Length: 11cm each

Price: $13 each or $58 for the set! (purple crab kapi sold as set only!)


#242 Sentimental circus cat XL plush - SOLD OUT!

Only cat available!

Height: 45cm

Price: $30