Welcome to my blogshop! I love playing UFO catchers/claw machines and i'm a collector as well. This page was created to give the many plushies/items piled up in my room a better home. While most of my items are from UFO catchers or claw machines, some are directly imported from japan! so you may see some stuffs here that you won't be able to get anywhere else=) Feel free to browse around! you might see something you really like!^^ Negotiations are possible but pls be reasonable!

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JUST ADDED SOME RILAKKUMA LIMITED EDITION PLUSHIES: Click HERE for pics! ALL ARE GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC AND DIRECTLY IMPORTED FROM JAPAN! If you see any limited edition items that you like, i do take orders and requests! Whether it is an upcoming series or an older series, I might be able to help you get it.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#324 Nemuneko with little legs plush - no paper tags - ALL RESERVED!

4 designs available as in 1st and 3rd pic!
All came without tags but brand new! Thus letting go cheaper


Price: $10 each, all 4 at $32

Sunday, March 25, 2012

#323 Nemuneko 3L size plush more furry/fuzzy material - SOLD OUT!! RESTOCKED one White with Grey ears! RESERVED!

One of each available! Material is different from the normal very smooth fur type! quite special!

Note: full grey piece does not come with paper tag. all those at the arcade came without tags. Only the white with grey ears have paper tags.

Price: $32 for the white with grey ears

#322 XL size king kiiroitori plush HTF old arcade series

Has no beans. Impossible to find such a large kiiroitori from the arcade anymore..

Height: 35cm

Price: $45

#321 Nemuneko straps/ mascots - top left reserved!

Available: Bottom row middle (full grey), bottom right (in pink sock), and top left (pink with white mouth)

Price: $10 each, all 3 at $25

Sunday, March 18, 2012

#320 Hello kitty with special twirled fur plush

Height: 22cm

Price: $15 each

#319 limited edition hamburger suit and tokyo store korilakkumas

From left to right:

Limited edition valentines picnic hamburger korilakkuma - $70

Tokyo rilakkuma store limited edition korilakkuma plush - $60

#318 Limited edition fukuoka rilakkuma store aniversary plush

Bears are removable from the bags!
They have words embroidered on their back as well!
Height: 21cm
Price: $75 each! or both at just $140!

#317 5th anniversary RARE limited edition box sets - with removable king costumes

Rare cute box sets from rilakkuma's 5th anniversary! comes with removable set of clothing!

NOTE: kiiroitori's box got crushed on the long journey from japan >.<" luckily tori himself and his little ducky companion is unhurt!=P

Height: similar to palm sized classic rilakkuma plush
Abt 11-12cm for rila and kori and about 8cm for tori and duck

Price: $75 each or get all 3 sets at only $195!

#316 Pink snow winter limited edition 7-eleven release RARE!

BIG sized plush. very smooth soft fur. no beans in body.

Height: 40cm

Price: $85

Also have kiiroitori available!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

#315 Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma with bowties head mascots - SOLD

Length: about 10-12cm

Price: $35 for all 4

#314 Nemuneko fat sleepy cat in flowery cloth plush - Grey SOLD!

Length: 13cm

Price: $18

#313 Nemuneko fat sleepy cat with rat on head and blushing cheeks (black) - reserved!

Length: 32cm

Price: $32

#312 Nemuneko fat cat straps - SOLD!

Very cute straps with miniature cats on the head. These cats are so cute! they're quite hard to catch and quite rare because they run out very fast normally so grab them quick!=)

Note: did not come with paper tags but brand new! will let go cheaper because no tag.

Cat in 2nd pic is a FREE GIFT to whoever purchases this set. also came without tag

Length: 6cm

Price: $35 for all 4 pieces

#311 Nemuneko white with grey ears on cushion - RESERVED!

Note: it looks a bit not so clean (grubby) but it is brand new. came from arcade like that. Maybe because white is hard to keep perfectly clean. this was the last piece when i won it so didn't have a choice so letting go cheaper.

Length: 12cm

Price: $12

Friday, March 16, 2012

#310 Nemuneko with baby nemuneko and orange on head - RESERVED!

Length: about 28cm long

Price: $32

#309 Nemuneko halloween series limited plush - SOLD!!

Length: approx 30-32cm each

Price: $35 for the white cat, $32 for the black cat or $60 for both!=)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

#308 Rilakkuma toyko store 3rd anniversary limited edition plush beanie

Rare plushies with the words "tokyo 3rd anniversary" embroidered on the back. A must have for all rilakkuma and korilakkuma fans!

Height: 22cm/20cm

Price: $75 or both at $140!