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Monday, October 21, 2013

Rilakkuma keychain sales!! Each at $6, any 5 for $20 and only $3.50 for each extra! ALL PRICES IN SGD!

2a - korilakkuma holding rila
2b mushroom kiiroitori
2c korilakkuma w scarf and hat...
2d rilakkuma with beret hat
2e chocolate korilakkuma
2f chocolate rila 1
2g chocolate rila 2
2h chocolate kiiroitori

 3a mushroom korilakkuma
3b music korilakkuma
3c lucky charm korila...
3d lucky charm rila
3e music rila white
3f music rila blue
3g keyboard korila
3h rila holding korila

4a rila wearing scarf
4b korila wearing scarf
4c bath time korila...
4d rila eating biscuit
4e korila holding heart
4f korila holding spoon
4g kiiroitori holding fan
4h rila holding honey bottle


 5a korila holding mushroom
5b mushroom hat rila
5c halloween kiiroitori...
5d apron kiiroitori
5e korila holding star
5f lucky charm kiiroitori
5g lucky charm korila
5h kiiroitori hodling lemon slice


 6a kiiroitori squishy bun (round)
6b rilakkuma squishy toast
6c rila head balloon
6d rila head balloon (orange)...
6e kiiroitori squishy toast
6f rila squishy bun
6g rila head shaped squishy chocolate pudding
6h rila hard plastic coffee cup strap (yellow)
 7a Halloween colourful ribbon kiiroitori
7b cotton candy kiiroitori
7c rila holding chocolate bar...
7d rabbit rila
7e apron blushing kiiroitori
7f mushroom korila ($2 off total if you choose this item)
7g kiiroitori squishy bun
7h rila squishy bun

8a kiiroitori squishy bun
8b blushing rila with napkin and spoon
8c squishy rila head shaped bun...
8d korila holding coffee cup
8e rila w orange mushroom
8f rila w macaron desert
8g Trick or treat blushing rila (see next pic for close up)
8h apron blushing kiiroitori


 9a rila hard plastic coffee cup strap (white)
9b Squishy rila swiss roll
9c white chocolate korila hp strap (hard)...
9d milk choc rila hp strap (hard) - no tag ($2 off total)
9e classic korila strap - no tag ($3 off total)
9f rilakkuma holding sandwich - no tag ($1 off total)
9g Kiiroitori in winter shoe - no tag (very rare!)
9h kiiroitori with purple pillow - no tag ($1 off total)
9i Sheep costume korila - no tag ($3 off total)
9j kiiroitori wearing soft hat (RARE) no tag ($1 off total)

10a - 10e - various designs rila japanese fan straps
10f - rila sweet strap - no tag ($2 off total)
10g - rila bee hp strap no tag($3 off total) - see next pic for clearer shot
10h - sleeping rila puzzle piece (for display purpose, not a keychain/strap) - see next next pic for clearer shot
10i - chocolate cupcake rila squishy

 11a kiiroitori in coffee cup - SOLD
11b kiiroitori shaped squishy bun
11c sailor kiiroitori
11d rila with hat and ribbon
11e classic kiiroitori
13a rila hard plastic coffee cup strap (brown)