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Thursday, January 26, 2012

#302 5th anniversary BIG plush set HTF limited edition old arcade series

All the plush have beans in their bodies.
Height: 27cm(R), 25cm(Ko), 14cm (kiiroitori)
Price: $175


#301 Limited edition 5th anniversary korilakkuma beanie plush

This plush is a BIG version and this is written at the back of the paper tag. It is rare and hard to find a brand new one! A must have for all collectors, especially those who collect korilakkuma!

It has beans in its body!

Height: 25cm

Price: $65

#300 Jumbo sized disney scrump plush

Height: 60cm

Price: $45

#299 Ichiban Kuji (japanese lucky draw) FIRST PRIZE Rilakkuma plush - Super RARE!

Super rare item that could only be won through lucky draw. Only one piece in the whole lucky draw!
the black tape is left there as removing it will destroy the plastic covering the rila. it was left there by the arcade when they displayed the rilakkuma as the first prize. It's only on the plastic so not to worry.

Height: 60cm

Price: $120

#298 San-x Rilakkuma halloween series FULL SET - SOLD!

Height: about 20cm for rila/kori, 11cm for chick/mushroom

Price: $55 for full set

#297 SUPER RARE Lawson limited edition kiiroitori plush

Tori can be removed from cup anytime

Height: 12cm

Price: $185

#296 Musical Snoopy x mas strap - SOLD!

#295 Limited edition tower records shirt for rilakkuma - fits M size classic plush

Size: fits on M sized classic rilakkuma store rila plush

Price: $90 as a set with a M size rilakkuma classic plush
OR $70 for the shirt alone..

#294 Sanrio My melody iphone 4 case

Price $15

#293 Transformers zippo lighter

Price: $20

Saturday, January 21, 2012

#292 Super clearance sale for smaller items/plush!

FREE normal postage for all purchases above $10! For purchases below $10, pls contact me for postage costs.
+ Get a FREE GIFT for every $10 spent on items in this post!
- For every $10 spent, get one free gift from section A
- For every $20 spent, get one free gift from section B.
- For every $30 spent, get one free gift from section C.
- For every $40 spent, get one free gift from section D.
- For every $50 spent, get one free gift from section E.
- For every $60 spent, get one free gift from section F.
Buyers may choose to get multiple gifts from the lower value section rather than a single gift from the most expensive section they qualify for. (e.g. 3 gifts from section A instead of one from section C)

All items are in BRAND NEW condition (exactly the way they came from the arcade) and come with tags unless otherwise stated.

SECTION A - $1 each

A2 - SOLD!

A3 - brown rabbit wearing hat chain


A5 - Pooh hair clip
A6 - Mickey hair clip

A7 - pooh with suction cup


A9 - Froggy hp strap

A10 - Tooth hp strap

A11 - green gachapin both eyes close (no tag)
A12 - sold!
A13 - sold!
A14 - Red gachapin (no tag)
A15 & A16 - both sold!

SECTION B - $2 each, any 3 at $5, above 3 each additional @ $1.50
B1 - My melody hard plastic ball chain

B2 - Nemo bean bag strap


B4 - Mickey mini shoe with mascot hp strap

B5 - Furry gachapin strap


B7 - SOLD!

B8 - Luminous egg - lights up and changes colour every few seconds!
2 available.

B9 - Woodstock strap (no tag)

SECTION C - $3 each, any 3 at $7.50, above 3 pieces each additional @ $2

C1 - Nemuneko grey rat strap

C2 - Suzy's zoo boof on doughnut strap (no tag)

C3 - Doraemon dressed as red indian plastic hp strap

C4 - Pink snoopy strap

C5 - sold

C6 - 3-eyed alien strap (no tag)

C7 - Pooh t-shirt pin

C8 - Fortune cat hp strap

C9 - SOLD!

SECTION D - $4 each, any 3 for $10,above 3 pieces each additional @ $3
D1 - love rabbit strap

D2 - mike the eye with clear snowflake strap

D3 - sold

D4 - sold

D5 -sold

D6 - sold!

D7 - Furry dale strap

D8 - green yoshi with magnetic hands strap (2 available!)


D10 - SOLD

D11 - pooh in horse costume ball chain

D12 - minnie in blue spots costume strap
D13 - mickey in plain red costume strap

D14 - good luck care bear tissue pack holder

SECTION E - $5 each, any 3 for $13,above 3 pieces each additional @ $3.50
E1 - Mickey key holder strap

E2 - Hello kitty wrist cushion (no tag)


E4 - Blue stitch balloon mascot with hook

E5 - pink stitch balloon mascot with hook

E6 - SOLD!

E7 - sold!
E8 - sold!
E9 - sold!

E10 - yellow bunny hp charm

E11 - orange surprised elmo with head scarf strap

E12 - Suprised pink elmo strap

E13 - kapibara san zipper hook (custard)
E14 - kapibara san zipper hook (strawberry)
E15 - kapibara san zipper hook (chocolate)

E16 - sold

E17 - SOLD
E18 - SOLD

SECTION F - $6 each, any 3 for $15,above 3 pieces each additional @ $4.50


F2 - sold!

F3 - sold

F4 - sold!

F5 - left piece -sold!
F6 - right piece - sold!

F7 - sold
F8 - sold

F9 - left most piece -sold
F10 - middle piece -sold
F11 - right most piece -sold

F12 - left piece -sold
F13 - right piece -sold

F14 - left piece -sold
F15 - middle piece
F16 - right piece

F18 - sold



F21 -sold








SECTION G - $8 each, any 2 for $15, 3 at $21, above 3 pieces each additional @ $5

G1 - No tag -sold

G2 - left piece (exactly same as G3 just that from the angle eyes cannot be seen)
G3 - right piece


G6 - left most(black)
G7 - 2nd from left (dark brown)
G8 - 2nd from right (white)
G9 - right most (brown)

G10 - drawstring pouch

G11 - there's a bag hook above the head that can't been seen in the pic

G12 - ball chain

G13 - 21cm plush

G14 - 21cm plush

G15 - sold

13cm plush
G16 -SOLD!
G17 - SOLD!

G18 - small care bear plush 12cm

G19 - SOLD

G20 - sold

G21 - plush toy 20cm

G22 - pouch with chain

G23 - small plush 17cm

SECTION H - $10 each, any 2 for $18,any 3 at $25, each additional above 3 pieces @ $6

H1 - sold
H2 - sold


H4 - sold

H5 - elmo

H7 - sold




H11 - sold

H12 - sold

H13 - sold


H15 -SOLD!


H17 - brown (beanie plush) -sold
H18 - blue (beanie plush) - sold



H21 - authentic valentines rilakkuma from japan arcade (no tag)

H22 - Handphone holder - sold


H24 - 10th anniversary the dog beanie plush

SECTION I - $15 each, any 2 for $27,any 3 at $38, each additional above 3 pieces @ $10
I1 - make up pouch, large pencil case

I2 -tape dispenser

I3 - coin pouch (original san x catalogue item)

I4 - make up pouch/ large pencil case

I5 - sold


I7 - multi purpose pouch

I8 - photo album

I9 - make up pouch/ huge pencil case - sold

I10 - sold

I11 -sold

I12 -sold

I13 - speaker keychain


I15 - knitted material bag charm

I16 - 1Gb thumbdrive


I18 - handphone holder